Chuck Schumer Connected With Controversial Turkish Person

After the falied coup, the government of Turkey makes efforts to discover everyone who helped the priest Fethullah Gulen who is the creator of the Gulen Movement.

Turkish government officials stated that this movement is based on oppression and nothing else.

It seems like now, even the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is one of the suspects together with 17 other U.S. citizens, including former CIA Director under the Obama administration – John Brennan.

The Turkish investigators suspect that Schumer received a lot of presents from the supporters Gulen has in the United States. Those are the same people who gave more than $1,000,000 to the Clinton foundation.

Ahmet Sait Yayla, who is a teacher at the George Mason University is also included on the suspect list. In his early career life, Yayla was a top ranking authority in the counter-terrorism division in Turkey.

Ahmet Sait Yayla, a teacher at George Mason University is likewise included among the suspects. Yayla was earlier a high-positioning authority in the Turkish counter-terrorism division.

Fethullah Gulen is positioned in the state of Pennsylvania. He is accused of organizing of the failed coup in Turkey back in July 2016. The Turkish government named the group a terrorist organization. So it is not shocking that Chuck Schumer had any connection to them.

Once again, the Democrat’s story that Donald Trump is a foreign (Russian) puppet, backfires on them massively, as they became the main suspects in one of the biggest affairs that marked 2016. Chuck Schumer definitely needs to be put under investigation, and not just him, but the whole Democratic party.

You can lead the political war, to try to undertake your political opponents, but do it in a legal and moral way.

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