Judge Napolitano Speaks About The Deep State

The big news is coming in the United States.

We have suffered long enough as a nation. Our citizens are getting tired of the liberal actions and someone has to be responsible after Obama’s presidency and his leftovers who created a bigger scandal than Watergate.

Andrew Napolitano the famous Judge, is one of the people who first spoke about the thing our citizens wanted to hear. The Deep State or Shadow Government which installed liberal puppets in our institutions to make our establishment work against its own people.

These puppets tried to stop every bill signed by President Trump. But Judge Napolitano has to say something that will shock them live on TV and will encourage the president to make bigger steps. He went on Fox News and said:

The deep state has a very wise and shrewd adversary, the Man in the Oval Office. For the first time in the modern ear, the Man in the Oval Office is an adversary of the Deep State and not a tool of it.

These liberals want to nullify or democratic and citizen rights guaranteed by the Constitution and sabotage the work of our President. It’s like history repeats itself. The same thing that happened to John F. Kenedy and Abraham Lincoln is on a good way to happen again. These presidents died for their ideals. President Lincoln said the following before he was assassinated:

The people of these United States are the rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts. Not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. I feel more and more every day that it is not against the Americans of the South, alone, I am fighting, it is more against the Pope of Rome and his global servants, his perfidious Jesuits and their blind and bloodthirsty slaves.

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