Trump’s Newest Plan Of Draining The Swamp

According to the recent reports from Fox News three of our nation;s intelligence agencies received subpoenas as they were issued by the House Intelligence Committee. One of three top officials of the Obama administration: Former National Security adviser Susan Rice, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former United Nations U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power were the targets. Here is the full report from Fox News:

The three subpoenas were issued by Representatives Devin Nunes (R-CA) and were served to the CIA, the NSA, and all referenced the unmasking that references the Obama – era spying that occurred and the classified intelligence reports that are leaking data to news media organizations.

This leads to the conclusion that the illegal actions of former President Barack Obama will soon become public.

According to the newest reports from WSJ, a lot of members of the Trump team were identified in foreign surveillance reports and had their names unmasked. Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Former CIA Director John Brennan, and United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power are getting subpoenas related to the unmasking of private citizens.

All of this contradicts the story of the Democrats that they spread through their liberal mainstream media outlets that President Donald Trump won the election from last year with Russian help. He needs to drain the swamp which is deeply incorporated in every section of our institutions so our country can start functioning normally once again. The time is right! We need to make America great again!

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